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Massage and Body Treatments

Massage is a natural inhibitor to gain balance of the mind, body and soul. Let our Certified Therapists introduce a massage that is right for you. Each massage includes five minutes for the client to get on and off the table.

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Swedish Massage

This massage is traditionally one of relaxation and comfort. The strokes are longer with lighter pressure to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, increase circulation and improve muscle tone.

50 min. Massage: $70

80 min. Massage: $110

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage focuses on the deeper levels of tissue to release muscle tension and holding patterns. This massage is not deeper, but works on deeper levels. It is a technique, not pressure. This massage releases chronic patterns of tension throughout the body.

50 min. Massage: $80

80 min. Massage: $125

Target Massage

Choose the muscle groups that you want massaged. Upper body; head, neck and upper back; lower body; lower back, glutes and legs. Choose either Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. Deep Tissue is ideal for those who are physically active and for pre/post event conditioning. This massage offers maximum benefits in a limited time. Approximately 25 minutes.

Swedish Target Massage: $45

Deep Tissue Target Massage: $50

Hot Stone Massage

Stones from the ocean or from rivers are heated and used by the therapist to soothe tension in the body. The stones are placed along points in the body to help melt muscle tension, balance energy and promote a deeper sense of relaxation and well-being. Approximately 65 minutes.

Hot Stone Massage: $95

Maternity Massage

This is a very relaxing massage designed to nurture and relieve the mother-to-be. This massage includes Swedish massage techniques and uses a body pillow system to support the body. Extra care is given to those areas that may need it the most; back, legs and hips. Approximately 50 minutes.

Maternity Massage: $75


This pressure point technique can be performed on the hands and feet to stimulate relaxation throughout the body. Pressure is applied to reflex points that correlate to different body areas. Reflexology induces deep relaxation and improves circulation. Approximately 25 minutes.

Reflexology: $40

Luxury Massage

This massage includes aroma therapy and hot towels to induce a pure sense of relaxation. Long, flowing strokes with the calming effects of the essential oils and the soothing heat of hot towels make this session a unique experience for everyone. Approximately 50 minutes.

Luxury Massage: $95

Sports Massage

This session can be performed before or after an event. This massage includes stretching along with Swedish massage techniques to help increase circulation and help with sports performance. Approximately 50 minutes.

Sports Massage: $80

Body Treatments

Sea Salt Glow

Indulge in a combination of aromatherapy oils and mineral- enriched sea salts, which are gently massaged into your body to achieve a deep exfoliation. The final result is soft, smooth and revitalized skin. Approximately 50 minutes.

Sea Salt Glow: $75

Add-on Services

  • Add aromatherapy to any session for $5.
  • Add hot packs to any session for $10.
  • Add warm towels to any session for $10.
  • Add biofreeze treatment for $5.
  • Add 15 minute Reflexology treatment for $15.

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