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Indoor Track

One of the outstanding amenities of the Healthplex® Sports Club is a beautiful, 1/5-mile Mondo-surfaced indoor track. The track is located off the Fitness floor and it circles the ten indoor tennis courts.

Many members use the track area for a variety of functions. Fitness classes, members sprinting, medicine ball workouts, walking, sled training, and traveling to and from the tennis courts all share the track. There is also a stretching area and heavyweight punching bag located off of two of the banked corners of the track.

When using the track, there are a few guidelines that we ask members to follow. Showing consideration for others while you are working out will help you and others enjoy your time safely and maximize your fitness experience at the Healthplex.  

Rules of the Road

  • The track has three lanes and we ask all traffic to travel in the direction of the track.
  • The lanes are designated for walkers, joggers and runners. The inside lane is designated for walkers, the center lane for joggers and the outside lane for runners. We encourage all to follow these directives. Runners in the outside lanes will be furthest from tennis players exiting the courts. This will greatly improve safety for all by distancing runners from walkers. When synchronizing your start with the clock on the track, please enter the track close to when you plan to start and be mindful of those already on the track, especially those runners in the fastest lane.
  • Who has the right-of-way? Walkers, joggers and runners have the right-of-way while training on the track. All others should be aware of those on the track and give them your courtesy. There are mirrors hung at each corner of the track. They are very helpful to see around the corners.
  • Running with headphones. When running with earphones and/or music playing, please be aware of your lane, your surroundings and the possibility of others passing you. If you stray from your lane, someone may be approaching and a collision may follow.
  • Tennis players use the track area to travel to and from the tennis courts. Please walk single file in the walk lane. We ask everyone to walk with the direction of the track. If players going to or from the front bank of courts must walk against the traffic flow, please walk single file off the track nearest the walk lane where possible and be mindful of all approaching traffic. If players are walking to the back bank of courts, please walk single file in the direction of the track in the walk lane. When leaving the back bank of courts, we ask tennis players to use the walk path between the courts and exit near court #10 and walk back to the Tennis Lounge area in the walk lane.
  • Medicine ball wall. Medicine ball use is designated for the wall area near the Tennis Lounge marked by a large black painted rectangle. When working out here, please be aware of anyone else approaching and be considerate for everyone’s safety. Please clear the area when you are finished and put away all balls.
  • Weight sleds. When members are using the weight sleds, please use the inside, walk lane. If you turn around and push against the traffic flow, please stay in the slowest lane, away from the fastest running lane. Please be aware of traffic moving in your direction and warn approaching walkers of your presence. Please return the sled to the area near the Medicine Ball wall as close to the wall as possible and not in front of the Emergency Exit. 
  • Keep the track clear. If you train with hurdles, cones, steps or rope ladders, please do not block the track. Do your best to pick a less congested area or length of the track and be very watchful for oncoming traffic, especially runners. Please clear your area after your workout.
  • Vending machines. The Healthplex has food and drink vending machines on the track near the Tennis Lounge. We ask all to be mindful of runners while making purchases.

Thank you for taking the time to read these helpful guidelines. By taking a few moments to learn a little about the track area and all it has to offer, hopefully everyone can benefit greatly in a safe, healthy and cooperative environment.